Vlog: Sustainability is Our Future


Melody: As we discussed our vision for MxT2510, we like the idea of making clothes from sustainable materials. We’re inspired by San Francisco’s stances on the environment. San Francisco is the pioneer in implementing environmentally-friendly policies and practices.

Taysia: The different ways we focus on sustainability within our company include creating small batches of seasonless garments, using organic cotton, producing in California, and using eco-friendly packaging.

Melody: We continue to learn more about sustainability. Join us and explore our sustainable fashion journey together.


Video Image Description: 

A picture of Melody, an Asian woman wearing a black colored shirt and Taysia, a half Asian half White woman wearing an orange jumpsuit signing the word sustainable together. The words "sustainability is our future" appears below the picture. On the left side there is an icon of recycling and on the right there is an icon of a globe. 

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