Vlog: San Francisco Collection Announcement

Taysia: We are excited to announce our first collection and this collection is inspired by our hometown, San Francisco.
Taysia: Both of us have grown up here in the beautiful city of San Francisco. 

Melody: San Francisco is truly a unique city. It boasts diverse cultures, an amazing food scene, an eclectic mix of architecture, fun tourist spots, and historical landmarks.
Melody: Everything you can find enjoyable within a 7 x 7 mile city.
Taysia: Did you know that San Francisco has microclimates.
Taysia: Sometimes taking a 5 minute walk into a nearby neighborhood you may notice the temperature to be cooler but taking another 5 minute walk into the next neighborhood, the temperature could be hotter.
Taysia: What is our usual clothing code? Layers. Layers are an absolute must. And yes, year-round.
Melody: May we present to you, San Francisco!!
Video description:
Melody, an Asian woman, is standing next to Taysia, a half Asian, half white woman with San Francisco skyline in the background.
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