Vlog: The Next Chapter



Melody Stein: Wow, we have been through so much in a whole year. One thing it has taught me is that life has no guarantees. Life is fragile. This makes me think that I should chase one of my dreams and seize it. What is it? Owning a clothing business.  Let me introduce…This is Taysia Stein,. She joins me in launching the clothing business. I saw the talent in Taysia. She has a passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail.  Together, we combine our visions. Through my past business models, I choose to continue the concept of creating while stressing the importance of inclusion. 

Taysia Stein: May we present our new brand clothing line, MxT2510! Launching soon.  Sign up for the latest updates on our journey at www.mxt2510.com.


Video Image Description:

In a minute video clip, an Asian woman with black medium hair length signs in American Sign Language and she reveals what’s next for her.

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