Founders of MxT 2510, Taysia Stein (left) and Melody Stein (right). Left is Taysia, a young Asian woman wearing black with dyed hair. Right is Melody, a middle-aged Asian woman wearing black with short black hair. Their heads touched each other side-by-side, and they are smiling for the camera.></h1>
<h1 style=Who We Are

MxT 2510, a California based company, was founded by a mother and daughter duo, Melody Stein and Taysia Stein. We create sustainable elevated basics which are inspired by our travels. We use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton for our garments.

Our company understands that the environment has been severely impacted by the lack of awareness for sustainable options, especially in the fashion industry. We encourage people to slowly incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. We know that this is easier said than done and nobody is perfect. But if we all try to make these smaller changes, we can make the planet a healthier one.