Who We Are

MxT 2510 is a Los Angeles-based sustainable clothing company that was founded by a mother and daughter duo, Melody Stein and Taysia Stein. As a Deaf & CODA owned, and Asian owned business, we are proud to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the fashion industry.

Drawing inspiration from their global travels, Melody and Taysia have crafted a line of sustainable elevated basics that exude confidence in consciousness. Our garments are designed to be versatile and timeless, ensuring that they will become long-lasting staples in your wardrobe.

Florence, Italy 2016

Athens, Greece 2018

Bangkok, Thailand 2017

Santorini, Greece 2018

At MxT 2510, we are passionate about our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. We take pride in using sustainable materials, including organic cotton, to create garments that are both eco-friendly and fashion-forward.

We believe that small changes can make a big difference, and we encourage our customers to gradually incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives. We understand that sustainability is a journey and that nobody is perfect, but we believe that by taking small steps, we can all make a positive impact on the planet.

What does MxT 2510 mean?