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Hi! I’m Taysia. I am one of the co-founders of MxT 2510! I grew up with a passion for fashion and loved going thrift shopping when I was in high school. I decided to go to Arizona State University to pursue a BS in Marketing. I decided not to attend fashion school in case I realized that I wanted to pursue something else and I wanted to have a solid foundation in business. I quickly realized that I didn’t like ASU as much as I thought I would (I did not think about the fact I would be living in Tempe, AZ). I am more of a city girl and needed more access to Asian food. Freshman year, I came up with a plan that I would study abroad for one year instead of transferring to a different university and potentially waste credits and money. I even managed to figure out my schedule that would allow me to graduate a semester early, which was great to save money! 



Originally, my plan was to go to London/Singapore. I ended up changing it and studied abroad in Rome, Italy in the Fall and Gold Coast, Australia in the Spring. I traveled so much during my time in Rome and got to explore so many incredible places, like Munich for Oktoberfest, Budapest, and Amsterdam. When I went to Gold Coast, I was able to live in a beautiful apartment that had views of the ocean! Sadly, my time there was cut short because of COVID-19. I flew back home and took all of my Australian classes online (the time difference meant that some of my classes started at 10pm!) These classes were where I learned a majority of my marketing skills. I took many interesting marketing courses, including promoting new business ventures where I created my own business plan. I ended up using some of it to start our business now, MxT 2510. 



Additionally, one thing I learned at ASU was how fast fashion impacts our planet. One of my teachers once said that in certain places in the world, you know what color is trending in fashion based on the color of the river water near these factories. Hearing this was very upsetting to me and made me realize how important it is to incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives. It is impossible to be 100% sustainable, but as long as we are all learning and willing to adapt, we can make this planet a better place to live for the future generations. 




With sustainability, fashion, and travel in mind, my mom and I created MxT 2510. A sustainable travel clothing company that creates collections inspired by our travels. MxT 2510 is now over 1 years old and we have learned so much since starting this business! We are always evolving and learning new things about fashion and what it means to be sustainable within the business world. I am looking forward to sharing our ideas for our company and turning them into a reality! 

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