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At MxT 2510, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

We take great care to ensure that every step of our production cycle is focused on prioritizing the environment and minimizing our impact. From the selection of high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics for our garments to the use of recyclable packaging materials for our shipments, we are committed to doing our part for a healthier planet.


our cozy sweatpants in

chai brown and matcha green.

-- organic cotton --

Discover the incredible sustainability benefits of organic cotton farming methods, including reduced water usage and elimination of toxic chemicals, and how it can make a significant positive impact on our planet.

-- deadstock --

Learn more about our sustainable and ethical practices by discovering how we repurpose deadstock fabrics to create unique and limited-edition pieces, while reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability.

our chic denim wide leg pants perfect to dress up or down for any occasion.

our ultra soft boatneck tee,

you won't want to take off

-- tencel lyocell --

Uncover TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric, an eco-friendly and resource-efficient option with excellent moisture-wicking properties, wrinkle-resistance, and a polished look for conscious consumers.

-- bamboo --

Explore the many benefits of bamboo fabric, including its exceptional softness, natural anti-bacterial properties, and wrinkle resistance, making it an excellent choice for

sustainable fashion

and those with sensitive skin.

our stylish tank midi dress is a versatile addition to any wardrobe

why our customers love our fabric


"When I saw this dress style, it spoke my name! So, I immediately ordered it. The fabric felt so soft and comfortable to my skin. It's 64% bamboo - bonus!"

— debbie


"I only thought I knew what "buttery soft" fabric meant until I got these sweatpants in the mail! Seriously... softest fabric ever. "

— jenny

sustainable materials

GOTS organic cotton, deadstock, tencel, bamboo, and more.

free US shipping

we offset emIssions by offering carbon neutral shipping

designed in los angeles

our clothing is made in factories in both

los angeles and china