At MXT 2510, we place a strong emphasis on promoting ethical practices and sustainability within the factories we work with. We recognize the importance of responsible sourcing and manufacturing, and as such, we take great care to ensure that all of our partners share in this commitment. By prioritizing the welfare of both workers and the environment, we strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility throughout our supply chain.

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of our fashion journey. We are committed to sharing information about the factories and partners we work with in order to demonstrate our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices within the garment industry.


We have implemented a small batch production process to carefully control our inventory levels and reduce excess textile waste.


By limiting our production runs, we are able to create just enough garments to meet the demand of our customers without overproducing and contributing to the growing problem of textile waste.


Our entire San Francisco collection is made out of GOTS certified cotton from Actuex. Our bamboo fabric also comes from Acutex.

We created our boatneck tee with Tencel Lyocell from Laguna Fabrics. One of our softest fabrics to date.

Our denim wide leg pants are made from deadstock fabric that we got from pacific blue denims.


We are proud to work with factories in Los Angeles and Hong Kong/China, and we are continuously seeking out new partnerships with organizations that share our values.


We believe that our customers deserve to know where their clothing comes from and how it was produced. By sharing information about our factories and partners, we hope to build trust and encourage greater awareness of the social and environmental implications of the fashion industry.


We worked with Bomme Studio in Los Angeles, California to create our San Francisco Collection, as well as our Denim Wide Leg Pants, Tank Midi Dress, and Boatneck Tee.

Bomme Studio is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint by sourcing materials within a 10-mile radius of their office. Their pursuit of B Corp and Plastic Neutral certification in 2022 aligns with our values in promoting sustainable practices. We share Bomme Studio's belief in paying workers a livable wage and working only with vendors who do the same.

Tech pack of our cropped sweatshirt.

We partnered with Do Good Factory in the creation of our gender neutral oversized tees, hoodies, and sweatpants. Do Good Factory, being a member of 1% for the Planet, aligns with our company's vision and values in committing to environmental causes. Additionally, they also support Surfers Against Sewage which champion the preservation of oceans and beaches from pollution, a vital advocacy for the betterment of our society.

Garment workers in Dongguan, China making our 100% GOTS Certified oversized hoodie in chai brown.

Pictures of samples sent via email to communicate with China factory.

Mecilla is a Hong Kong-based factory that works closely with factories and farms in China and India. They are a leading advocate for organic cotton in China, represented by their position as the only Chinese board member of the Textile Exchange. Mecilla is also a holder of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, Oeko-Tex, and Fairtrade.